Tipping Point Personal Edition (English)

Tipping Point kaartsets van Soul Insight

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A “tipping point” is the moment where a situation comes to a turning point where change starts to happen.

But sometimes it is hard to find out what you specifically need to make this change happen, because your issues are not clear to you.

This card set helps you to clarify your present situation, in what direction you can find the solution and a supportive card to encourage you.

The card set consists of three decks:

Your issue (36 cards, red)

Your needs (72 cards, green) and

Your supportive card of the day (36 cards, yellow)

To clarify your situation, pull one card out of the red deck.

Then you pull at least three cards out of the green deck and one card out of the yellow deck.

If you need support to learn how to use this card set, you can join a Facebook group. Please contact Soul Insight for the possiblities.

Product information

The cards will be delivered in a wooden box, which is a nature product.

Each box has a unique Encaustic Art painting on the lid. 

The box will be finished and personalized manually. Because of this the product might show unevennesses.

Number of cards: 144

Price: (VAT incl.) € 37,50

Delivery time (within the Netherlands) 2 working days if in stock.

This set is availabe in the webshop of Soul Insight.

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