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Hi, I am Brigitte Remmelts.

I started being a spiritual lightworker since 1990.

My aim is to heal people by connecting them with their self healing source inside themselves.

My goal is big: I want to reach as many people in the world as possible. Not by being the expert but by teaching people to be their own teacher, since everyone is connected to the same source of love and energy.

The most important tools I apply to reach this goal are the paintings in connection with deceased children and Reiki paintings.

The value of the paintings

In the Reiki paintings I established, as a Reiki master, a connection with a specific channel to the source of energy we are all part of. Since I have become an expert (by personal circumstances and by development in spiritual work) to block any negative influences in these channels, the Reiki paintings create a long lasting and pure feed to what you need to make at least one step ahead in your life.

As a psychic I create the paintings in connection with deceased children to enable these children to be closer to their parents without my presence.

I have a very strong belief that we can create miracles by uniting our variety of specialisms and resources.

My tribute is truth, pureness and the power to transform stuck situations into new beginnings.

Matchmaking without commercial interest

Since it is also very important to me to include everyone who is willing to receive an answer to create this transformation, lots of these paintings are a gift.

Half of the collection untill now I donated to people who deserved to receive a painting as a gift.

I want to change the inner core of the world by bringing a message of unconditional love, also by donating to complete strangers.

To be able to continue this work I need resources and one of them is money.

Do you have this resource and do you wish to share your resource for a good purpose? You can be a part of this mission with your donation!

Let’s connect and build a network of cooperation to improve the quality of life of people all over the world.

What happens with your donation?

When you donate in general, your money will become available for the donation of a Reiki painting or a painting in connection with a deceased child. The choice between these two will be made by me.

After your donation you can leave a message in the guestbook with the amount you donated. This guestbook will be available on the page you will be lead to after your payment. This guestbook is public, your e-mail address will not be published.

Donation for a specific goal

At November 25 2019 I started a winning action in cooperation of NEL magazine, a magazine for parents with a deceased child. By filling out a form, parents can win a free painting in connection with their deceased child as a Christmas present. 3 winners will be selected and, depending on the donations, more winners will be added to the list of receivers. The action will be closed at December 15 at 19.30h but the option to donate will stay open. My goal is to make every participant a receiver!

When you donate for a specific goal, for example the winning action for parents with a deceased child, you can leave a message in that specific guestbook. The messages are public and visible at the page of the winning action (not available in English yet)

After your donation I will contact the participant(s) who will receive the painting thanks to your donation.


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