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Brigitte Remmelts

The start of Soul Insight

Soul Insight started as a practice for healing massages. The clients were basically people with chronical physical issues. The regular doctors could not find the cause of these issues.

By energetically solving the blocks of these issues lots of emotions were released. As a young 20 year old person I searched for a proper education to be able to support my clients in this process. 

Because of the succes of the treatments, my clients started to call me instead of the general practitioner in case of all kind of issues.

I started to realize that my position as a healer had become too important and that my clients became dependant of me. This had to change. There should be a balance between healing and the own responsibility of the clients.

Self healing ability
Out of my need of expertise in emotional guidance I participated in the education reincarnation therapy (SRN) in 1995. I learned to guide clients in processing traumatic life events and also which part of this process is the responsibility of the client.

During this education I realized that people have a self healing ability by nature but also that there is a tendency to search for their answers externally.

I kept searching for the right way to connect to this self healing ability without taking over the process.

Only offering what’s missing
My approach changed from a therapeutical approach into a coaching one.
I focused upon the qualities of the client to stimulate growth.
I added several techniques to smoothen the process and make the healing process as effective as possible.

Registration Chamber of Commerce
In 2007 I registered my business at the Chamber of Commerce under the name Sana Colori.
I chose this name because of my intention to fulfil a temporarily role to complete the color spectrum.
By offering this temporarily input the client was able to find the way to self healing.

In 2010 I achieved my Reiki master degree to teach people to heal themselves and others.

From Sana Colori to Soul Insight
In 2013 I changed my company name to Soul Insight because the core of my business lies in the insight of the soul.

Still one question was left unanswered: What is the purest way of healing?
Each situation asks for a different answer but the answer should fit you best.

I concluded that healing can only take place in case of an investment of both sides. I give my healing hand and the other one commits to make the necessary steps to create the structural change.

In order to make these steps easier in 2013 I started to create products to connect people with their inner soul wisdom. 

I started with the creation of Encaustic Art paintings with Reiki.

In 2016 I developed the Tipping Point card sets to give people a concrete tool to help them develop a loving perspective towards themselves and to enable them with this tool to walk the path towards the best answer to their situation.

The Reiki paintings and card sets offer you the key to the wisdom of your soul, a wisdom you often can’t reach (completely) all by yourself.

My passion for the Encaustic Art technique increased because of the unlimited possibillities to combine colours and creating relief.

I experimented with combinations of colours, temperatures of the wax tool and techniques to apply the bees wax.
These artworks come straight from my soul. I don’t design the artwork, it materializes out of flow.

The intensity and charisma of the works are a reflection of my soul.

After the creation of Reiki paintings I started to create artworks for the sake of art, simply because the artworks are amazing ornaments. These artworks are available in the webshop.

The motivation of Soul Insight is love.
The answer of Soul Insight is love.
The key of Soul Insight is offering you the bridge to your self love.

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