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Brigitte Remmelts
Brigitte Remmelts

Every person makes choices and gains experience in life.

If these choices are made out of conscience and freedom and they bring you closer to the goals you set in life, you are in your power and you don’t need any help.

But what if you don’t succeed to give direction to your life the way you wish to because you cannot find out what you are  searching for? Or you made several unconscious choices which brought you at a different point in life than you would like to be?

If this is the case, you made your first step to change your situation by visiting this website.

Soul Insight loves to be your guidance to clarify issues and blocks in your life. Every person is unique and so is your personal situation.

The Encaustic Art Reiki paintings support you to take the next step in your process.

The Tipping Point Card Sets are a tool to become your own coach for yourself or your company.

The core of the coaching for individuals and companies is creating the conditions for change of behavior.

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