The making of the paintings (deceased children)

Soul Art

The paintings in connection with deceased children are created in connection with my unborn daughter Joyce. She is a very pure lightworker in the spiritual world.


When I am about to create a painting I bring myself in a state of complete surrender to be able to let go of any interference. Then I connect with Joyce.

The creation

Joyce has the connection with the particular deceased child. She instructs me concerning colours of the wax, temperature of the iron to melt the wax and the use of the different techniques.

This way the energetic connection with the child is materialized with exclusion of any other energy, so it is just the energy of the child without any presence of anyone else.

The painting can be described as a door to the child.

Finishing the painting

After the wax has been cooled down, I polish the wax with a dry cloth to establish the brigthness of the wax. Then I use wax sealer to protect the wax. I let it dry overnight to make sure the wax is dry.

The personal message

I sit down with the painting to write down the personal message. I connect with the deceased child and I start the conversation.

I ask the child what message he or she wants to bring and I write this down.

Since the child is energetically connected to the parents and I as a psychic can connect tot the child, the child has the opportunity to express important things to the parents through me.

I unite the painting and the written message and the painting is ready to be delivered.

The paintings can be ordered in the webshop of Soul Insight.


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